Wai Wai's Birthday

I'm posting this on behalf of Sept 11. Well, it is not about State Sept 11 Tragedy, but Wai's Birthday =P Talking about birthday, it is always noteworthy when we could actually recognize our true value among friends.

This planned is not in my calendar actually as the fact of, me not genuinely from the circle. Somehow, I believe that we were both rallied by destiny. I ponder, if I were to catch the earlier train or the later, we couldn't had met aren't we? *grin

And I truly believe that fate is not a gray path. Someday, our friendship is definitely grows.
Here we are in The Ship where they serve us dear cuisine. They are infamous for steak and certainly they proved themselves worth the price =)
Let's solve the puzzle. Guess who is Wai Wai?

To think back, Swee Ging had actually arranged the correct date where I can then clashed on them =) Thanks to her. Hm... Thanks to both of them I mean~

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