Water & Electric

I'd promised to write about this and now I do. This subject (Fluid Mechanic 2) has been considered challenging ever since. The fact is, the lectures were tedious =.=

Then we came to sit for the final examination of this subject. To our surprise yet as expected, it was not easy. Everyone were flooded with cold sweats and tears T.T

Since Fluid Mechanic is mostly dealing with water, I would rather describe it this way. We were liken to an army of sailors whom are ready to sail the Titanic, but in the end, Titanic sank *roll eye. Who will survive then? XD

In fact, God saved me for this subject. HE made me touched on one similar question found in textbook which I have the solution on hand. Then, HE made me rest for 2 complete days before this examination for HE knows no ordinary preparation would help further when the questions are going to be so out of control. I believe this is not luck, but a blessing from HIM XD

Next is Principle of Electric. This is the subject that turn over our table. Almost everyone was shining with strong aura. Once again God saved me. However, He made me encountered only exact questions this time. With the answers known, I can quickly finished 3/4 questions within an hour. The last question was a bit out of boundary, God says: This one you should do yourself XD... Thus I spent 30 minutes for it.

Anyway, I got 3 more subjects to go. Thank God for guiding me so far^^

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