First of all, I would like to thank all readers whom had supported my blog. In fact, I didn't realized that these posts had been circulating among my university comrades. I mean even some whom I don't know in person =) Well, I somehow believe this kindle of light might someday turn out to be a friendship fuse^^

Just now, I had received some remarkable statements from my friends. One of them is new made friend. They said "Your blog is very informative" and "The only reason I have my blog on-board is to have the link to read your blog". I have to admit that these words are indeed motivating XD

As I had stated, I will be concentrating more on my exam than updating post during this period. Instead of updating 3 posts a day, I might just update once every 3 days =)

Well, the matters that I'm going to share in this post is, take a step.

In our life, there are options that we can made about relationship. However, the obstacle is whether we are willing? About the strength to pick up, and about the strength to forgive and forget. In times, we forgive but we hardly forget and we blame the scar. Is this statement a philosophy? Think about it, and we should start questioning ourselves instead. Are we really treasure what we had in the past? If we do treasure them, won't we do something about it? Won't we do something about the scar?

Only if we are willing to, because we treasure. In the past, I too learn to forgive and forget until the day I came to understand the true meaning of 'take a step'. I asked myself, am I holding myself back? Then I realized.

For the sake our short life. We are a fool if we live in grieve. Thus from the day I came to realize which was just recent, I began to pray and repent. I pray for everyone whom they exist in my chapters regardless of them treating me as friend or foe. Because we live, and we are fortunate to be able to talk, listen, eye and walk.

Treasure life, treasure friends, and treasure time.

By the way, regarding the post entitled 'Grasp'. The one whom I mentioned is God. Previously, I felt embarrassed for admitting it but not anymore. Indeed I feel HIM. HE taught me much...


Red Devil said...

I said: "The only reason I have my blog on-board is to have the link to read your blog"... haha!!!

leo7_lion said...

Haha, you certainly did. Btw, do you think if I post in Mandarin as well better?

Maybe it will helps to craft my Chinese fluency too^^ I'll just made it a translation to my English post XD

Më| §zë said...

it's your blog, it's up to you to do what you want with it..
and it'll help me in my mandarin too... lol... since mine needs improving...

btw, nice to have met you the other day.

leo7_lion said...

Thank you Thank you^^

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