The Semester Ends with...

Today's paper: Hydrology

It was the last paper.
And it had never been easy.
Or maybe I should say,
tough for those who revise it last minute...

Knowing majority of us are going to fail,
the lecturer himself as the invigilator gave out tips during the exam.
Of course it was when the other invigilators not around
(assisting the students to toilet or such)

Generous huh?
Seems like.
But the fact is...
For his own good.
Failing too many students will only do him extra work
of writing explanation letter for the president.
He's like that...=.=

So what is Hydrology?
This is Hydrology,

To study the BEAUTY of the mother earth.
To die in the cruelty of the exam paper. (Hahaha)

So, this is the end of the semester.
My worst semester.

I'm going to be twenty for the time to come.
Shall me life change a bit?

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