Ah Mah's Birthday

Today is so tiring.

Having the last paper in the morning.
For sure we are having not enough sleep last night.
(Study midnight lar...kns)

The afternoon was used up too for the journey back to klang and to Church.
Thus, no time to have a proper sleep neither.
Haiz~Bus fare increased again.
From RM 3.00 to RM 3.50.

Evening was her birthday.
I was so tired that I initially being the driver
became the passenger during half journey instead.
Her house is so so far and the journey is so so long.

See? I'm napping at the back seat

What 'zha dao' was 2 hours journey reaching there but only hang there 1 hour.
Before that, How about presenting some pictures first.

The cake.

The Birthday girl.

The Gang.

NOt gangster.

Actually my friends had plan for clubbing with other bunch of friends tonight before knowing her birthday party.
If they cancel clubbing, they'll disappoint that bunch of friends.
Likewise, if they don't join the Party, no give face.
Being nice is hard. (=.=)
For that reason, they all have to leave earlier.
Of course I left too.
Staying there is like so strange not knowing the rest of her friends.
In fact I have no energy left start knowing them.

[These pictures were taken when we were on our way back]
This time I drove the car.
Say BYe Bye!!!

Again, the journey back home is so long and tiring.
Luckily, I managed drove myself home safely after fetching one of my friend back.
I thought I would had met with an accident or somehing.(Disappointed...Haha)

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