Half-day Ipoh Trip (By Wei Hao)

Finally, WeiHao has sent me his Ipoh Picture^^

Let's travel back to the past Shu~

~3 Weeks ago~
Me and KianAik went to work at outstation, Ipoh. Then WeiHao came to offer his time, bringing us out to tour. Although it might be a Half-day trip, but we have learned many thing. We met WeiHao's siblings, ate and drank, and visited 3 caves together^^About things that I'd learned, this is it =) Have you guys seen this bizarre thing before? It is actually a parking ticket! One whole piece licensed for 30 minutes parking XD Thus WeiHao commented that they have been wasting resources just to made this everyday.
Unlike in KL, our parking ticket is tiny^^
Next, we learned to eat. We are now at one of the famous Kuey Teow stalls.
~People mountain people sea~
This is scrumptious indeed. In my current food life, this has climbed up to number one!
This is... "DAn Tan?" I'm not sure of the name. Anyway, it's egg+black honey.
Roasted Duck! When I took a bite on this, I realised that Klang has this duck dish too, somewhere near to Pin Hwa School =.= Haha...

What do you think about this?
Are they illegal parking? Not really... But I solute their parking style! Save money, save resource, save spaces.

Followed, we are into the cave~
Where is KianAik? Missing...
No Pose
No Pose!!!
Bored =.= I also don't want to pose anymore... I don't want to be the only monkey.

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Xjion89 said...

hahaha, pose more mah!!!!
Anyway, Ipoh, nice hor?

Lisa717 said...

a veli nice half day trip u have wor~~~ last time i oso been to Ipoh for half day too..though i cant make it to makan the nice food there bt i gt the time to see see the caves la..heheheh~~

iriene said...

The fried kuehteow really looks good!
I must plan to go there...
The car parking photo is absolutely
fantastic. Tks for sharing!

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