Kettle Story

This is the third time we say 'Bye Bye' to our baby kettle =.= We got all of them burnt in silent. First was KianHoe, Second was Serene and finally KokYong. I always suggest that we use water filterwater filter instead of kettles but I guess my voice would never reach my housemates. Haha...

Anyway, they are still planning to purchase the forth kettle and I will see how long would it lasts then XD I might be the forth culprit =} Who knows?

If you notice, there is an image of me snapping at the kettle =)

(Praise this post in innit)


BooNMiNG said...

burnt your kettle?? never look out for the fire?? haha

Lisa717 said...

adui~~ dangerous nya and u guys gonna buy the 4th 1?? hmmm..

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