Who save my camera?

As stated in tile above, someone just saved my camera from being a history in my life. Maybe I should not say someone since HE is a spirit =) Anyway, do you guys believe in GOD?

When I was young, I always thought GOD is an ancient who never know about modern technology. HE takes control over weather, landscape, natural disasters etc but never touches on computers or anything mechanical. Yet when come to the fact, if GOD does not allow these technologies exist, how would we as human discover them?

Here is my testimony. I brought this camera to school and it was kept in one of the side pockets of my black schoolbag. You see, cameras are not shock-proof especially for those who had been 4 years old. Yet, I've totally forgotten about its existence when I started tossing my bag around in class =P Onto the floor, onto the seats and onto the table...

After reaching home, I was fast regret when I realized my mistake. I could not operate this camera already! I'm so worried and thus I prayed to the LORD "If you're willing, please repair my camera." The next moment when I stroked the 'on' button again, Wallah! It's now as good as new!

Lesson: GOD knows technology...

(Praise this post in innit)


reen said...

haha my friend's laptop was spoilt..and she ask me hallelujah!!

i said it, and the next moment, it was ok..

Raymond said...

amazing, what a miracle.

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