Teacher Training Course

Aha! I'm going to be a teacher!~ Em... What about the dream of becoming Civil Engineer? Well, I never have that kind of dream before =P Studying it is just a society needs, I mean a Degree qualification.

Okay, no more confusing. I'm actually talking about being a Religious Teacher =) This is indeed a tough job. We nurture the young and when it comes to handle 'playful' kids, we crack our head.

Comparing from being an interpreter, a true teacher is liken to a burning candle whereas interpreter is the light. Both important =)

Here is where we were trained. Unfortunately, I was late for the course and was barred from sitting the exam =P No certificate XD Nonetheless, they still regarded me as one of their teachers.
In class, everyone was concentrating and listening to the speakers.
Except us, those who were barred from the exam.
What is these two guys doing? Right, they are good friends which they seldom meet each other. Thus a big hug hug is a must! Hao and Timothy.
Irene and YinHuey. They are from the same batch.
BoonWei and Me. Don't see him 'siao siao' (crazy) like that, he's actually a Doctor [Going to be]. He's the first person whom I know to be extremely serious in their study. We're indeed from two different worlds but true brotherhood brings us together.
He was making a silly face and I didn't know about it. Or else...
Irene was promoting her company's camera I suppose^^ She is so loyal. Haha...
The young doctor again.
Hah, this is YangYang, my childhood brother. Together, we did lot silly funny bodoh baka things back in the past XD
Me and Naomi. This is like a couple photography =) Jealous, people? Hehe...
'Do Re Mi Fa So' - 'La' in Japan - 'Ti' went missing
Do you realize that all photos above were not originated from me? I transferred them from Irene's Blog =)

Both Irene and Naomi had wrote about this Teacher Training Course too^^ View: Irene | Naomi

(Praise the post in Innit)


Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

religious teacher? Wow. Tell me more about it

leo7_lion said...

Well, we teach kids about stories in Bible^^ sometimes, hv to control the behavior of the kids =.= very tiring, lol

- c H i E n - said...

Woah! I wanted to be a teacher too!
But due to certain reasons, I didn't choose to be one.
But then I am interested to know what you do in your training! Update me! Thanks!

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