I Hate this Job

If you know me, you can see that I'm really not interested in my career path =P Especially after I'd enter this site.

First of all, it destroys lots of my dream. As someone who works as dead, I see no potential of having any hobby or fun in life. This job is not like any other job. It has an unhealthy environment, full time alertness to safety required and full time work if necessary. When the working hour comes to end, day comes to end as well =.=

I must admit that this job earn a lot but frankly I prefer life than money. I believe I'm a person of countering new idea. I music, I draw, I compose, I art and whichever comply to creating. I shouldn't restrict myself into a boundary where I cannot express what I can express, isn't it? I'm so distress. Haiz~

Then today, something fell and hit the slab till the pipe broke. Water splashing~
This shouldn't happen right? Hehe... By the way, I bleed again today =.= swt!
That's all for today.
Let's see if I can change to a better station when I meet my big Boss.

Learned/Refreshed: Nil


weihao said...

zz.. really very easily to get bleed in construction site..i bleed too

Corneliusllw said...

Gr!~ Not worth at all!!

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