This world is so unfair!!

Today's paper : Pengajian Malaysia

We have been 'lou tim'
The tips given to us was totally a 'joke'

If we manage to read through all the notes given by the lecturer
(which is impossible) we would definitely know how to answer them
But who in this world would touch on that big stack of notes if tips where given?

When I got the paper, I was like huh?
It was a totally different paper from what we were told!!
I turned to my friends smiling as we were so dead.
They returned me with same kind of smile.

Luckily, this paper consists half a marks from the objectives.
And it's not that difficult to answer.
Somehow, many funny faces can be seen in the exam hall. (Haha)

My subjective questions were completed in random writing.
I hope it can helps in contributing some marks.

After the paper,
my friends and I met up with the mechanical engineering friends.
And guess what they say?
"We mechanical engineering students have the correct tips..."

!!!This is so unfair!!!
Not only their subjects are easier than ours!!
The tips given to them are more accurate too!!

~Where is the Love?~

From what we've heard,
Civil Engineering is the easiest among the engineering course.
Well, I don't think so!!


Summer JuiCE said...

dai lou, their tips is not teacher give one la.
UTAR tips GG...
u know go got tips?
and 100% zun?

elendil said...

they ownselves told me that it was given by their lecturer. =.=

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