Night Assignment

Yesterday when I was ordering my dinner plate, a message sprang me up.

"Later 8.30p.m do assignment at Genting Klang here. Bring your clothes and you come by yourselves lar"

My first thought,

Now is 8.00p.m already, I better hurry since my journey to Genting Klang more or less will take 30 minutes.

My second thought,

Sweat! I'd ordered my meal and now I have to cancel it =.=

So I left my housemates who were still dining meanwhile making my way to Genting Klang by cab. Upon reaching, I found them had their dinner before me. Hehe~ This proves me that I'm having unhealthy life style =P

Well, no worry about dinner as TeckWei then offered me a pack of Maggie Mee and egg. As the motto goes by "there is no free lunch", I cooked for myself =( and AhPang was amused.
5 minutes later, my dinner was ready. Here comes Richard (Ping ping Piang Piang) having problem locking TeckWei gate padlock then gave up on locking it.

"Eh? Eating ar? Y cook for you?" He said.
"Nolar!" Both of us affirmed.

Gosh~ This kind of rumor had made our bond loosen enough. Halt please! =.=

After this speechless moment, we began our group discussion which then end at 2-3a.m. Tired~ Y and AhPang went to sleep whereas TeckWei, Richard and I went for Mamaking. Indeed, I'm glad that there are somethings done although it's not complete =) Thanks to everyone~

Then came this horrible morning, our lecturer suddenly told us that the plan is changed again =.= BIG SWEAT!!!

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