I was named "Rosie" from a Facebook Quiz. This is totally insane! Whatever it is, this quiz is something wrong. My best friend told me that he is going to call me "Rosie" from today onwards. Sweat!~

The Internet connection is very weak nowadays. I wander why~ I can hardly access to Hotmail or Facebook. Gr... I feel like shouting "Kanasai"!


"Kanasai" is not Japanese although "Sai-Sai" word has often collaborate with Japanese sentences. "Kanasai" is Hokkien, meaning "Just like shit~" When we describe something as "shit", it is indeed something worthless. Or you wanna tell me that you actually like "shit"? Hahaha~

Anyway, I wasted 3 hours just to sign into my hotmail and facebook account. Within that 3 hours, my roommate's online game soundtrack keeps on rolling. Quiet irritated actually especially when someone is frustrated. Haha~ That's why I often use a headset to minimize that~

Ohya! I'm going to talk about "近朱者赤,近墨者黑" when I'm free next time. It is a Chinese proverb saying that "The gang you join up with will eventually affects your own personality in such you became exactly like them". Something like that. This is just a sneak preview on what I'm going to write. Haha~

Hey, I cut my hair already. This style makes me looks more like "ghin kia" (Kid).
Okay, too much of myself~ I better blog about something else XD

Recently, I found lot contests for blogger. I'm going to join one of the Nuffnang blogging contests which actually ends at 31st July. I thought about it few months ago but I turn up forgetting it =.= Thus, before it ends. I guess I will just write something about it. Not really aiming for its prize but just to get involved in this kind of interesting event.

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