30th Day of Work: Rudeness

I went to the office of another contractor today to acquire some site data. The person in-charge is my friend, who also appears to be the boss's son of the company. Three years ahead of me but his salary was predictably high. We chatted as usual until suddenly, an old man came to my friend with a cheque to be given.

Without much thinking, I showed my hands ready like nobody business. Haha… The old man stunned before he could uttered and said “This is for Mr. X

I grinned “I was just intending to be the middle person before my friend

After he left, I asked “Who is that old man actually?

My friend laughed “He is my DAD!

Oh Gosh!!! I was so rude to a boss!!! Another word, friendly~ Hahaha~

Allow me so show you some progress of my site^^

Good Luck~


stupid monk said...

rude jiu rude la.. stil friendly..

leo7_lion said...

haha, true also^^

Më| §zë said...

the little stuff that makes us embarassed for the moment, but when think back about it, it's so amusing..
don't you think so?

leo7_lion said...

yeah I agree^^

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