This movie is awesome, it pumps my heart twice as fast. Here goes the plan on how me and my friend went to watch this cool movie.

I was invited by KhaiShen on Monday to watch this movie on Wednesday, which is yesterday but I thought it was a joke hence I did not log it into my head. Then the next day, Richard came to ask me about it and the proposed date was Friday. Wow, this is great! I told myself. I've been wanting to watch it. Thus we were planning it via MSN during office hour.

Suddenly... "Pop!"

KhaiShen messaged me saying that he is going to book the tickets now. Oh, it would be great if Richard can come along! I thought. Somehow, the reason for Friday was due to flexibility of time after the show. If it were to be Wednesday, we would have to rush back because we are working tomorrow. Nevertheless, KhaiShen couldn't make it on Friday after 'consulting' him.

I tried to convince but it turns out that, both sides ask me to join the other party in the end of the day=.= I was confused and burdened as I really hope that we can watch together XD Haiz~

Finally, I followed KhaiShen and along with MeiNgor. We watched it!

It was a terrific show! I thought it would be something like "The day after tomorrow" or else but never did I think that it would be that great^^ For that instance of time, I thought that he should had come. Haha~

This movie tells us that the world is going to end but what can we do about it? Nothing hor? Human are weak and that's the fact. Treasure time and those who are around us.

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Më| §zë said...

great movie!!!
loved it!!

i think it is telling us, that life is short, and that humanity should also come first.

the government is also a pro at covering stuff up... happens everywhere...

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