Pitiful Chinese

I quote this passage from one of my humorous friend.

(Chinese are pitiful, for there are many gifts they could not receive.. Thus it bothers me each time I'm purchasing gift, indeed the clock is pretty, but I can't purchase it, for I do not know if others might be superstitious.)

Well, it is true that Chinese are superstitious. I'm saying this because I'm a Chinese, but often I claim that I'm not superstitious. However, certain phenomenons do make me ponder if I should believe it. For instance, it is not good to sleep with your feet facing the door, believe it? Some physiologist says that it is true.

Some of the Chinese Symbolism Laws is quite ridiculous. One of them is we should never sweep any floor on the first day of Chinese New Year for it will sweep away all our fortune. Well, I do sweep every year and never did I notice that my fortune was affected XD These Symbolism Laws are binding our freedom and often demand us to act in unnecessary ways.

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