Spring event

This visit to Kepong is not a plan, it is something impromptu when WeiHao suddenly suggested and MeiNgor suddenly agreed. Initially, we were expecting MeiNgor to pick us since it is her territory. Somehow, it turned out KaiShen fetching us^^ Anyway, thank KaiShen for his sacrifice.

Getting transport is one matter, reaching the destination is another. We were arranged to meet in Meingor's house but there was no one home when we reached there. Thus we waited...
And I snapped a picture
(WeiHao, JooYen, HanJian)

5 minutes later, a car came. Is it MeiNgor? Certainly NOT~ It was her elder brother. Another minute passed, then she came. Oh~ Our journey began...

First, our first destination was McDonald. We purchased a regular coke and...
Refilled for seven times XD That's not all, we went to play pillow samples and actually get embarrassed by the promoter there. Hehe... "Hey boy~" She said and we quickly scrammed.
We planned to play bowling which was told to be RM10 for 4 games. Somehow, we were too late for the offered package. Thus the plan was cancelled.
Before we go, we left our finger prints on this machine here. A sign of our arrival.
I did mentioned about us playing the pillow sample right? ^^ WeiHao actually bought one home.
After that embarrassing moments, we planned for dinner and MeiNgor was seriously excited! See~
We bought sushi from Jusco and we shared among each other. WeiHao is the most right person and he was on diet. He refused to eat but nevertheless, I made him chewed one. Cool right? Haha~
These are our sushi
JooYen and HanJian took one box = MeiNgor and me took the another one. We were ready to dine.
Okay guys... Wanna witness how she eats?
Ahhhammmm~ Oh by the way, I was getting myself Wasabi. I mean Wasabi!!!
As a result, tear bust~ What a touching scene...

After dinner, we went for a movie. On our way there, we found something funny about this escalator.
It was not operating but when climbing, it dragged us downward back. I guess it couldn't support our weight.
Great experience and great discovery XD
This is the poster for District 9. Initially, I thought it was a 3D animation and comedy. It proved me wrong of course. My comment about this movie is... "Not bad lar" I was anyway influenced by its advertisement that keeps on rolling in blogosphere.
After the movie, we went for supper. Waw~ I was almost broke but WeiHao immediately broke XD Nevertheless, it was a fun day together. Worth for its price^^

At the end of the day, I stayed over WeiHao's place. Hm... Remarkable day indeed~

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haha..my name is all over the post..^^

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