15 hours 20 minutes 23 second ago, we invaded Kepong. It is a place filled with luxuriation and we are there to destroy em! Hiah!~
GoGo! Power Ranger~ Aik! Let's all transform!
Note that last person in picture above,
the last one...
She's a little too excited to take over Kepong.

-Transformation failure-
Eh? Technical problem?
or maybe...
Mental problem

Whatever it is...
We must report to Headquarter immediately
Bye Bye~

P/S: Sorry for this post mught be too random XD Hehe~


iyouwe said...


e l d y said...

who is the 5th person who take the shoot ? haha !!

leo7_lion said...

the fifth person, is called weihao^^ he also cery funny 1, haha

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