Drag my way up

Bitter first and sweeter then
(Experience hardship before further enjoyment)

The proverb above should be able to describe my day. In the morning, I experienced the most painful moment which my stomach was aching badly with comprehend of my hardly movable aching foot. I thought it might be the time for me to... XP

During my bus ride, I sat on wet seat =.= Then in office, HR management suddenly requested me to punch card for the remaining 9 days.

Just when the time I thought my today was bad, my pre-ordered safety boots and helmet arrived. Actually, I ordered them 2 months before which I thought the request was rejected. I suppose they had become my internship farewell gifts.

Good thing is that they are free from dirt and dust =P

New Helmet for the remaining 9 days

I will save these boots for school =P and I don't think they would reclaim it upon my leaving since I've already acknowledged receiving it. Heavy boots to school? Sound crazy but I think that is fun^^

Next, safety officer present me a gift and my site engineer treated me dinner before fetching me home personally =) How great is that~ Then, 4D awarded me RM3.

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