I'm a Bee

At this 16th day of work, I began to realize that being a Contractor is not bad at all =D It is basically a matter of how we manage resources such like suitable manpower, some degree of materials and prestigious time. That is not all, impression and quality is also affecting our fame.

It seems like I'm inserting myself into a correct field by coincidence. Towards those who know me, I believe you know that I'm entering civil course just to walk tertiary education. What I believe in myself is actually resource management. In fact, I once have a thought of fleeing from civil engineering.

I finished compiling all site records of the past 2 months today. At previous state, the mess was undesired and it does causes trouble when auditors arrive. Nonetheless, it consumed me a day time to complete everything. Saturday holiday!!! Nothing is better than shouting "Yes!" XD

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