Geotechnical Lab

I'm posting this on behalf of 23th June =P


Once again, I'm late for my practical XD Why? Because... Together with groupmates, we were rushing assignment in the previous midnight. Pitiful~

Whatever it is~ Let's proceed to my short laboratory story^^
In practical group of five which one went missing, we started the task given. We were to dirty ourselves with mud again XD Being a Civil Engineering Student is really pathetic, although we might earn a lot in the future but... sniff sniff, I confused with figures!~
Haha, it's okay. The only thing I need to do now is to spread my fingers, grab somethings to fill in my blanks. Somehow, I'm not motivated yet =P
This is Dr. Lee. Same surname as mine. A very compassionate lecturer. The best! And he didn't notice me wearing slipper into laboratory which is forbidden.
Eh? He saw me snapping his picture ke? Haha~ Anyway, if all lecturer in University were to be like him, I'm going to love this University so much. Wahaha!
Basically, our practical test is to analise soil characteristic. Boring lar~ I should had went into Designer Course 3 years back then =.= yet time never goes backward. Civil Engineering, I will make you an art someday.

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