Ier~ Who love to eat Durian here? Please don't get near me!! Haha, just kidding. Indeed its 'sweet aroma' chases me off ever since I was young, still young now I suppose =P and you are welcome to say that I know not how to appreciate Durian XD Lol...

People often tell,

"You should try mar~ Then, you'll love it"

Actually, I did tried pushing myself tasting it before but still vomited in the end. Haiz~ So call "Min Kiong Mou Hang Fook~" (Cantonese)
The meat is fascinating right? But I can't lay my finger on it =.= simply because it is Malodorous!! Ohya~ While snapping this reeking entity, I saw some 5-7 years old kids who are pretty impressive. They can cracked these thorny weirdo bare handed!
Why are they such a favor to public? WHY?

1 comment:

YULI said...

smells like hell, tastes like heaven :D

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