I was tricked by a huge fascinating poster to walk into this restaurant! Very disappointed with the meals that were prepared especially for its high price. Hm~ You see, my family often blacklist things which are not worth for their price believing this action can helps to change its market into a better one.

Not to say that we are easily unsatisfying but don't you think supporting them same goes encouraging them will doom ourselves? Will dining at 'Station One Cafe', 'Old Town' or any restaurant who dares to set a high price as for their foods make us classy? Sweat~

Anyway, if their food is costly, its fine indeed. And for foods which can be prepared in a lower cost, be wise to choose your favor.
Look! How can they be such a miser?! They thought that they are feeding rats.
1910 is much better, cheaper, scrumptious and worth than this. Never order hotdogs in A&W.
Their burger is smaller than McD's too. I surfed the net, witnessing how the oversea runs their A&W business and they are totally not like what we have here in Malaysia. Very disappointing indeed~

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