Poker Poker Card

Haha, this is what my lecture classes are about~ Poker! Mom, please don't read this post =P

If you wanna know, my mom has started reading my blogs just recently. A great step that she has made to adapt into youth society. Forever young =D

Dad has been doing the same too but he is more advance. He plays facebook, multiply, and I suppose he will blog soon. Haha~

Anyway if Mom were to read this, I wanna tell her that 'I love you, Mom' and if Dad were the one who reads, I will say 'I love you, Dad'. Hehe... Nowadays, children feel embarrass to voice up their love towards their parents eventhough they really love them, especially guys. Somehow I believe no matter how old or mature we are, our parents still love to hear it =)

Now, I'm concentrating on winning the game~ I didn't even notice someone was snapping with my phone.
This picture looks like WeiHao knew it and ready for his post.
~His post is to cover his face~

Actually, we don't play card in all lecture classes =) This is only class we are doing this for the old professor is too soft that we can't place our ears on him. Too bad~

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weihao said...

=.=! my hair damn messy..>.<

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