Concrete Plant

I changed my mind. Instead of using boring title such as 'first day of work' or 'last day of work', I will name it something else =P

Now, allow me to report my deeds these few days^^ I went to concrete plant and I thought it was a huge factory, but it is just a small hut instead.
The two tubes behind me are to contain cement powder according to my friend who was soon found to be the son of ChinNam Construction Company. He is just 3 years ahead of me but he is boss already! Nevertheless, status never cease me from being myself =P I'm still as busybody as always and talk like nobody business, this is demonstrate my friendly'ness^^ Don't you agree? Hehe~ By they way, my company is NamFatt, not ChinNam. I'm not working under him =D
Behind me is the cube test compressor machine. How is it operated? Let's proceed to the below picture~
That person placed a concrete block into the compressor and then pressed ON. The machine will then compresses the cube at certain force that if the concrete is able to sustains its shape, it is a success. The concrete is a good grade!Behind me now are the concrete tank transporters. One tank could transports 8 meter cube of concrete.

-Above was yesterday's news-

I did nothing today but to complete the industrial report for the past two weeks. Meanwhile, I realize that this job is getting interesting as day passes. Maybe it was because of I began to be tasked with something that I'm not so bored as previous.

By the way, I met a Quantity Surveyor who is the nephew of the ChinNam Construction Company boss. He says that I'm cute =.= I stunned and stared at him. Maybe I'm the only the one simply hoop around the site. I couldn't help it =P When I see pools of waste water, I would hoop over them whereas the others just walked over without minding of stepping on them. Funny huh? Hey, I'm new and I'm boot'less unlike them~

Next, I have a feeling that the Archi Coordinator Uncle has accepted me as his surrogate nephew for I had addressed him "Uncle, uncle" all the time =P He always comes to visit me and read news paper at my table. Actually, I am a little stress seeing him sitting in front of me while I do my work.

The safety officer is very 'non-stop'. What do I mean by 'Non-stop'? It means he got never ending story to tell. Guess what he told me today? This interesting...

-Story starts-
There was a fight in McDonald's at Hussein Onn (I'm not sure if he meant the Street or Area). 4 Indian Guys stole a Malay Teen Guy's iPhone and soon found out by him. The lone-ranger Malay Guy smashed the Indian Guys using McDonald's chair to get his iPhone back and he successfully retrieve his iPhone with 2 Indian seriously injured.

Blah blah blah~ *Censored
-Story ends-

I hope you enjoy the trailer^^ He really never stop.

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