32nd Day: QLASSIC

The QLASSIC briefing actually takes us half a day =.= and for your information, QLASSIC is standard which a construction project should be complying with. At the end of the day, a group of representatives will come for project marking and it would be like lecturer marking our assignment work XD

Hence, this presenter started with his firmed voice
Then he sat
His assistance crossed her hands
Participants flipped the notesAnd then...
Someone slept

Haha... It was quite an 'interesting' briefing actually, especially when it comes near the end. The presenter suddenly gave us quiz like what I usually faced in University =.= followed by his teaching in engineering theories.


Red Devil said...

where is the pic of u sleeping?? haha impossible u didnt sleep..

leo7_lion said...

If I slept then I cant snap liao mar~ Haha... actually I also got sleep pun ><

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