Comic Fiesta at Sunway Pyramid

This is it! Sunway Pyramid~ Eh? Since when the pyramid become a sphere? Anyway, this is creative [Haha] and I'm here for the Comic Fiesta which was held at the Convention Centre during 20-21 Dec. My actual aim was to look for something really precious to me but I'm not telling what is it here =P Upon walking in, I saw weirdos~ What's with their costume? Oh... They're having cosplay where there is also a cosplay competition. Many anime characters were to be seen. Some looks disgusting...Hahaha...
Do you see Inuyasha? He is in the middle together with the blocked Kogame. They were hooping fast and I can't managed to snap properly. Alas, let's get into the main Hall.You can see people drawing, must be the students from One Academy who tried to be impressed. Haha...Nah, I can do that too although I'm a engineering student.You can see people vending stuffs too. These are the badges of anime characters. Lot nice and cute one but all sold off.
Here are the booths. They were showing their skills of hand drawing and colouring but I must admit that they are really somethings.
Models. We are not allowed to snap but still they couldn't managed to control the crowd.
This is the stage where all games and programs took place.
These two MC are funny. Telling stupid things and crazy jokes that kept the crowd laughing non-stop. Both of them are guys but I wonder why the long hair wore skirt.
In fact, I was a little late for this whole event. 8 cosplayer finalists had been decided. They were called out to the stage to perform and to be judged.
The first among them to perform is... I don't know who is this... Hehe... Never watch this anime before. But he's wearing a paper bag since plastic bag is Evil~
Second among the finalist... A character from Soul Eater.
Third is the alien and I heard that it was from a game... Sorry lar, I never thought that I only know that little =.=
The star war!! The Light Saber is really glowing.
Fifth, the guitar man. She is a girl but her voice is worst than a man.
This one I know! Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2.
Since I know this the character, I decide to put more of her picture here.
I thought she might sing as she preforms but instead she talks nonsense.
This is Rikku from Final Fantasy x-2 as well. Kinda weird to see that she sang "Kiss Me" which is not the song of any anime or game =.=
Last is the Singing Women. After the performance, a group photo was taken. Suddenly,
Someone casted a spell! Who was it? StarWarder? Yuna Rikku? Below are the other cosplayers which I think are not bad.
SailorScouts. Where is sailormoon? Wake up late again?
Erm... Ish! I'm lack of anime knowledge! Gotta watch more from now!
It must be hard and fun work to get that big boom done. Why do they have so much time?
Here is she! SailorMoon! I think she's looking for her boyfriend, Masked Man. That's why she's not together with her gang.
Samurai Warriors. Good thing I played the game or I'll never who are they.
Naruto! He is the best cosplayer! He should be in the finalist. Sadly, real Naruto is not tanned skin.
Ghost world. Nah, I simply give it a name. I think he's probably not from Hikaru no Go. So overall who's the winner for being the cosplayer? The answer is I don't know =P I went back early due to sis's urged.


Yatz said...

LOL..during the finalist of cosplayers segment, from what i see from your camera angle, i was just standing behind of you the whole time..LOL wtf

David Cheong said...

LOL and I was standing right in front of the stage hahahaahahaha, more like kneeling down taking pictures =p

leo7_lion said...

I should have meet you guys!!! >< Will be fun if

rur1k0 said...

LULZ that's our booth that you've photograph xD thx for saying the stuff there cute u///u ah, the blue hair (fat) guy that you said is a character from soul eater. Black Star

sendzki said...

wahaha the naruto costume was cool..really want to have my pajamas though hehe

must be fun in there

Anonymous said...

sad to read it. u're a very lame blogger, learn more about cosplay b4 u write it. u sound like a moron.

leo7_lion said...

Thx for comments and towards that Anonymous person, you must be the one coming into my blog through search engine. Sorry for I can't do as to meet your requirement but first, do you understand the true meaning of blog? Who is the true lame person here?

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