The Beauty of Tong Yun

Why do Chinese celebrates Tong Yun Fes? Well in the ancient time, it was meant to be a gathering day for all the family members. Somehow, time changes and thought changes. People are now doing this for... Fun~ The world is so big and technology nowadays is so advance, who cares to gather in the form of man since Internet can do the trick. But I actually care as I'm a very traditional person =) Look at the colours of the Tong Yun made, this is Art~
Woops! Where does this alien come from? To see this among Tong Yun is rare. This is Failure~
Tong Yun are not equal in size just like us. The colours are different too just like us. But they are gathered together and soon ready to be COOKED...Hehehe

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Dezmond said...

eee! I made it too! wanted to make green one just realized that morning dun have green food colouring... haih..

longge said...

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