Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival

The first photo indicates my tiredness, working in this festival XD Hahaha!
-By the way-
Upon entering exhibition hall,
There is a sweet girl greeted me 'Cornelius'
But I couldn't recognize who she was without my glasses on
Sorry yar^^ Gomen~
Actually, the exhibition starts from 11am to 9pm. However, we have to start operating our hands and legs since 10am due to boss' request X(
The hall was packed that every booth were mounted by people. Somehow, only 60% of them were buying. The rest were like time spammers. Snatching our limited oxygen huh XD

I know you guys are expecting models from this exhibition, hehe~ Okay, let me show you how they look like^^ Be prepare~

This year's model really 'pattern liao liao' aren't they? Hahaha... XD Just kidding, they are no models. They are just bunch of monkeys =D
Initially, I was thinking that I would be able to promote Ricoh but it turned out that me taking care of this Christmas tree with Gorilas onboard =.=
I never get to go up there neither because I'm not familiar with lens =D
You know what's this? This picture was taken when the models came to our booth. Many weirdos were getting their camera aimed on them but I don't understand the necessity of this trend. Is there a point taking their pictures?
Haiz, as long as they are happy =.=

Below are pictures of booths of all branded cameras. It was because for these booth photos that I get nagged a little by Cathy. But Ceh~ How do I know that I can serve Ricoh customers with Tamron's uniform on wor... Problematic =.=
Tamron (Lens)
Lenspen (Never heard =P)

Etc etc~
Agh~ Tired tired... I wonder how much they will pay me for today~


virginia bed and breakfast said...

Great Exhibition i Like your blog it is nice.I have been to many exhibition like this before but it is something different as i thought.

leo7_lion said...

Haha, I'm glad to hear that^^ (motivated)

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