Bright Smile =) Dark Complain =(

Today is the fourth day of my 20. What have I done? This hat is from my elder sis but do not be mistaken, it is not my birthday present. My true gift from her is a 3 days 2 nights trip to Bali free includes daily expenses. I'm blessed(Haha).

Wedz: whole day working,
Bad luck...Accidentally chase away customers =P Please don't tell my boss yer~ Actually there weren't many customers for me to chase also since Damansara was having Jcard Day and most customers went there. It turned my place "Hong liao liao(Cantonese) and "Sian Ka Xi(Hokkien)". Luckily my cousin had advised me to bring something there to do before hand. I drew comic but I never publish. Don't know how to publish(Hehe)

Thurz: day online and night tennis,
Day time online reading people's blog. Some blogs are like spamming which I hate to visit(Haha) but lots are pretty good. I specially like those that share about their life and I'll follow them. For information blogs are still okay, maybe I'll just visit once? I don't know~
Night time tennis lesson. I met two new faces, Ryan and Yong who had actually joined the class for quiet a long period. Ryan is a very kind person. Glad to know him^^ And he doesn't know that I can speak mandarin. *Roll my eyes. By the way, I'd discovered new stroke(Time Stopper) and service(Stream Serve). I named them(Haha). World of Tennis, here I come!!!

Friz: pet house cleaning, anime watching and night choir,
My pet shits alot everyday. I heard rabbit can eat shit. She should eats them all(Haha). The stink smell really went into my cloth that I must bathed myself after that.
I usually watch anime through crunchyroll. But today the line was quiet slow. Consumed lots of my time waiting for them to stream~Haiz. Anyway, I'd decided to jot down every anime that I had enjoyed so that I had a list of what I had watched. Should be fun^^
I like to sing but not beside those who thought shouting is singing. Some people really thought that to be able to sing out loud is the best. *Roll my eyes. Opera?

Sat: now,
Blogging lor

Before writing all those up there I was like saying
"Haiyo~ Why everyday is the same!?"
But now I realised
"Everyday is different~"

Blogging is anyway a review on myself and yourselves.
Brighten my days and nights.
Same goes to you^^ Peaces

1 comment:

Ning said...

OMG! i wanna hav a big sis like urs! bali trip!!!! *dreaming sia* wheeee =]

n u mean the 1U jcard day..muahahah i m thr shop til drop wheeek >.<

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