Hippo Holidays and KFC

Why am I here? Well as I mentioned before, we're going travel Bali. And this is the travel agency that we are referring to. Why Hippo? Well, hippo can survive in water. If we were to be so 'Tai Kar Lai Shi(Cantonese)" plane fell into the sea then this bunch of hippos will come to save us. Hahahaha...

Walking is too slow
Running still slow

Let's fly
Just kidding

This girl was the one who served us and guess what, she was a problem herself. Making us signing two cheques. *Roll my eye

I must admit that they do have a well arrangement on their furniture stuffs. But that's nothing to do with me. We're not going to tour this place anyway. Let's get out of here.


"Malaysia weather is getting worse that sun is getting more poisonous." Well, if you're going to say that, it means you need some cooling. Let's go for Cendol.

Welcome to the world best Cendol!!
This is somewhere near Klang City Square. Hm~ Still don't get it? How about Klang Bus Station?

Tang Tang Tang Tang~

This shop is hosted by Indian people and it's 100% clean. Just look at how wide her smile is...Shining like the sun...Poisonous sun~Hehe

Attracting lot customers. The Q never get shorter and her hands never stop.

Worth for RM1.80

After that, we went KFC. Talking about KFC, it reminds me on how I was 'rewarded' for an extra chicken few years back then,

Same place and also about the same time,

Me and my sis came for a meal and we decided to eat at first floor instead of ground floor. While we were happily carrying our trays walking up to stairs, PING PONG PIANG!~ You know what? I slipped and my chickens were thought to be a gone case. However, my sis was very calm and tough. She talked to the manager and managed to claimed back for what we had lost. In fact, we got extra side dishes and a piece of chicken as a pay back which in the end we could not finished them. Hahahaha...How embarrassing!!!

Want Side Income?


niar said...

I also like cendol...

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