Nokia vs iPhone

This is my first and only mobile phone(Nokia 6610) and which had served me for 5 years. He was really a tough guy which able to withstood both rain and sun.

If you notice, there are many scratches on his head. Those were due to his master's clumsiness who always getting him suicides from hand level *feel guilty Haiz... However, after all these that I have done to him yet he didn't gave up on serving me. Still giving me the best speed and accuracy. What a humble and great servant he was.

Well, everyone must admit that when there is a beginning, there will be an ending. Now that he is old and his operation system is weaken. After considering the past which he had served me the best, shall I prepare him a bed like below?
Certainly not! After all, he's not dead yet~ Just that his camera eye and keypad aren't working as they should be anymore. Main functions such as calling and messaging are still good. Anyway, I'll let him has his good rest after serving me for 5 years non-rest. He can be resurrected again(If he should) *grin

"iPhone is ready to serve"

This new generation is very different from before. Touch screen, Weather resistance, blar blar~ But will these serve me for another 5 years. I will see then~ Haha Many of my friends and cousins(especially Evon) recommended me this iPhone saying that it's supered and so so, still I'm not very used to it. *Scratch head

The specialty of this phone is that it runs only with a button. The rest are still yet to be found(So far) Hahaha

Similarity of both phones above:
My birthday present from parents


Ahmike said...

fuwaaa....Iphone man, lol i used 6600 too now using P990.. better

HPin said...

Ier...I want also

Serene said...

iphone function good bo har? I never seen it><

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