My Lecture Class

Today is the first day of a new semester in my University. Currently a year 2 second semester student. If you're interested in knowing my University, search UTAR in the net.

First, what do you think about University life?
Unlike secondary school, we don't wear school uniform which you might think that will be great. However, there is a problem. We students have to make up our mind thinking what to wear each day... XD Thus for someone like me who never mind what others think about our cloths will just put on our usual house wear. Another word to describe me, lazy~

The lecturers of University often mention that we, students should be independent enough to surf for knowledge ourselves. This sounds like they are doing professional but the fact is, they themselves have insufficient knowledge to teach us. Once a lecturer told us that they actually use this method to flee from troubles, which are the questions asked by the students. At the end of the day, we students became better than them instead. I don't know about the condition in Oversea Universities but here, my friends of other Universities say the same thing. All in all, only lecturers in Government Universities are able to perform their actual tasks yet Chinese can hardly get into them.

Today, the my lecturer was late for class by half and hour. Guess what is his excuse? He thought that the first day usually has the least attendants therefore he was late. Even I feel the shame jotting such a stupid excuse here XD
This is how our current Lecture Hall looks like. We have a better Lecture Hall in Kampar which is in the another state but we're not going there unless we fail a semester. That is impossible you see... Lol...
As you can see here, everyone was concentrating when the lecture began. We were looking forward for a lecturer that can 'lecture'...
Yet as usual, worthless hope... If they were meant only to read according to note, it would be better if we study on our own. We're not paying them to read what we can read =.=
Look at my friends. They started to fool around^^ Making their hairs, yawning, sleeping...
Even some started chatting. Lol... We're not like this at the beginning, it is the University who indirectly train us up to be like this.

After the lecture, we have 3 hours break. My friends ask me for a DOTA match and we did it. For that, we became late for half an hour for the next lecture. Other friends were expecting us absence.
This lecture is no different than the previous. However the room was darker that it does convinced us to sleep.
Suddenly, I felt like posting this and I grabbed my phone camera. Then Yeelin and YaChie hopped themselves to be snapped^^
Anyway, new semester new hope~

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