Most Bitter Herbal Tea

Today, Dad brought us to a food court in front of 'The Store' mall at Klang. We heard him ordering Bitter Herbal Tea and found it curious. We wanted to try it and we did. Oh my gosh!!! Even a single sip can make my throat stuck. How else should I define that bitterness?

If you want to give it a try, visit here and you'll see this 'Gerai Teh Ubat'. Bitter Herbal Tea does not comes in cold liquid form so you don't have to order ices.
It sure takes lot of my time to finish one small glass of this which is RM1.00. However, it's absolutely worth! As taste of Real Bitterness is hard to find.

In this food court, Yong Tao Foo and Lou Shi Fan are excellent too. I don't call them best as I know they can be better at this moment =)
It is just next to where Bitter Herbal Tea is. Therefore, you can give these a try too.
Lou Shi Fan. Do you know Delicious Food in Klang are cheap? This cost only RM3. Many times we had been thinking that expensive food is better but in fact, we're wrong. Cheap foods actually taste better and at the same time healthier if you do realise.
Yong Tau Foo. Very cheap also. Therefore, don't seek for expensive foods when you're looking for tasty foods. Go locally, eat locally and pay locally. This is the best motto especially when travelling.


alien said...

I know that place..
I used to duplicate keys at one of the shop there..

maxi said...

wow. yummy food! your post makes me hungry! i hope i can go to your country and get some taste of your food.

ouch.. bitter tea? hmm.. i think i will skip that one.

by the way, can we please exchange links?

maxi of

Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

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