The Fastest Food that You can Get

When you are very hungry and you don't want to wait long for the food to be prepared yet fast food is not preferred, Popiah serves^^

Popiah is simply like Rojak, mixing lot rubbishes together and to be eaten. Believe me, there are only 3 simple steps to prepare it.

Step 1: Spread your favorite sources onto the bread as much as you want. Apple source, Chili source, Soy source etc then green vegetables and red/white meats. Sounds like Sandwish? In fact, this is the Chinese Sandwish =)

Step 2: Rolling and roll it yet make sure you use "head & shoulder" shampoo so that no dandruff will be added to your food =P

Step 3: What more to do? Eat! Or you need a white rat to taste and see whether your food is safe to consume XD
Not fast enough? There is still a faster way to get this Popiah which is to buy it.
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