Starry Night

I just came back from Pahang where I assisted the interpretation work there. It was indeed challenging but not as if it is the first time. There, co-workers are far older than me which also made me the youngest. Sharing their life knowledge became part of the business which I don't feel like I'm into their discussion =P Haha~

They love comparison between us, the current teen and theirs, the past. They say we are blessed but I think we are stressful. In fact, there shouldn't be a comparison between eras because everything changes so swiftly between us.

I looked upon the sky and saw the starry night, the ocean that we can no longer see in a city. Aren't this one of the signs that proves our different?

Everyone does carries different value of living that is why we exist in different timing. Nonetheless, our value is ourselves to discover and may it be one day worthy towards the world =)

Answer to ourselves, who are we?

1 comment:

Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

I miss seeing stars. Can't see any at all in KL. Sad.

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