Changing My Templete

-Before and After-
I change my template due to the complain made by my friend YeeLin
for my site being too messy. Beside, my template has been stolen by Serene T.T... She copied my template code and used it on her own blog which makes it looks exactly like mine.

See~ It's not 100% same but the concept...

Basically, the changes that I made is:-

a) I change my post categories into Bunnie picture

b) I change my fiend list into Kittie picture

c) I change my flowery links into Puppy picture

Click onto these pictures and they will lead you to MypostCategories or MyfriendList or Other links =)

I'm not a html expert thus I can't change anything big. Still, I hope this act won't affect both my traffic and reader's trust =)

So, what do you all think about my new look? Please tell me if there is a need of improvement.

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