Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Wawa~ I just realised that the passing mark for this test is 80/100!!!
Ono... Today I'm sitting for the Level 2 Test and it would be a miracle for me to pass this time...

Anyway, my story for this post:
There were two Zha Bo(Girls) tumpang(followed) my dad's car to the test today, but they were there for level 4. After dropping us at UPM Faculty of Engineering, only then I found that here was not where my level 2 test should take place!!! Ono!!!

Man Incharge: Sorry ar, your level 2 is at Faculty of Medical.
Me: How should I get there ar? I'm not familiar here.
Man Incharge: Well by car, 10-15 minutes.
Me: I don't have a car, my dad actually drop me here!
Man Incharge: Then go for a Taxi~
Me: Great idea huh~

That two girls were so lucky that my dad dropped them at the correct venue whereas me has to make it my own way. UPM is so big and empty. After several enquiries from the guards, I found myself lost! Wah! What a day?!

The point is why did I lost? This is due to that stupid guard giving me wrong direction and information.

Guard: Faculty of Medical very near only, you walk like this like that can d.

Then I walked lor... Still, I found myself shouldn't be taking the risk thus I halted a taxi during the half journey.

Taxi: You're walking the opposite way lar~
Me: @.@

In the end, I spend RM10 for the ride and I reached. Still early~ Let's walk around and see where is my examination hall. Ah? Now where is the hall? A group of clearer actually took me there instead. Hehe *embarrass

Anyway, candidates were gathering outside the hot and compacted corridor. Oiyo...

Below are some pictures during and after the test.
See, this is during the resting period. Some people were thinking and that girl on the right, I don't know if she was upsetting or boring. Anyway, I find it... Don't want to say...
This is the answer sheet. Looks like having SPM(Secondary School Final Examination). But If SPM were to have this standard, many people would be banging their heads against the wall by now...Hahaha~
They were discussing the answers too. If I were to have friends same level as me... I wouldn't be so boring here...Hehe...
Actually, they were the only group discussing. The rest were just the same as me. Boring person.
My number, 38. Sam Pat(Stupid)! Even the table mocked my today... Hai~


niar said...

hi Elendil,
I understand what you felt that day..^-^
anyway, why your father wont to drop you out at medical faculty?

Dezz said...

Wow, must be very interesting to learn.. good luck my friend.


Ben said...

How did you do?

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