Madagascar McDonald

I think many of you had tried this before I did today. Hah~
Anyway, how do you find this BREAD?~

-Here's my story-
Today I went to the nearest McD for my lunch. Initially, I was choosing Double Cheese... However,

Wow, Madagascar set! What a blast!

Me: Bang! I want this set! Cancel the earlier Double Cheese.
McD Guy: Oh~

Thus, this is the outcome. Please nod your head that you'll see the picture below~
Actually the set does not consists these many. The fact is, Dad and Sis meals are here too.
This is the set Nice design but they really think that I'm stupid, giving me a fake Madagascar lion with the fake ugly colour. Ish! Anyway, my rate on this bread... normal.
Fries~ French Fries! Originally from which country? Can anyone tell me? I'm collecting information here^^
Well... This is Madagascar Famous Motto, Move it! Apply this chili powder onto your fries into the fries bag and start moving like crazy!~
So why is the normal beverage appears in my set?

McD Guy: Sorry Ah, the green green thing finish d. Can you choose other type of drink?
Me: Ah? Hm...Sprite la! Sprite la!
McD Guy: XD

Not really worth after all. The normal set is better =(

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