Do You Miss Me?

It's been ages since she last appeared in my blog~ Well, some of you might not know who is she... She's my pet, Fatty. Actually Fatty is not her real name, but since we are so used to it so~

In fact, her real name is very long. A result from a combination of English, Chinese and Japanese names. Cool Right? Anyway, she's healthy today and still, never on diet. Always jumping around when foods arrive.
More information:
She has a pair of Big long ear to listen, Big round eyes to see, and Big fat belly to eat.

By the way, she doesn't like strangers. She won't bark like dogs do but she'll definately bites. >.<


niar said...

oh Elendil your sweetheart really cute and fat. it is not surprising that you love her so much...hehehe..
sometimes I want a pet like you. but I dont have a place to protect it

beruk-kunyuk said...

cutie pet
i want to hav one

apriL said...

ur pet is so cute...
i wanna cuddle her...
but noh... im scared of being bitten.. :D

Rashid said...

How cute!! I've never ha a rabbit as a pet before.. hmm.. I wonder how its look like to have one too.. :P

longge said...

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