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Never in my dream I thought this would happened^^ Someone actually invited me to be a model for their photo-shooting. She is Hitomi known through blogosphere who is from Ktar Setapak which is just next to my school, Utar. It was 26th May that all these photos were taken and I have them received today. I find myself... Hehe, thin. Like what GorgeousOl'Eve said, I must eat more~

Anyway, this photography session is fun. Before that, I was bored to death~ Let's guess what is the THEME for those pictures above excluding the third picture which is slightly out of our topic =)

Below is Hitomi, who had became one of my friends known in person. Visit her blog and you'll know more about her^^

One last photo before I say goodbye for today:What is the meaning of this? I don't know neither=.=

(Praise this post in innit)


Anonymous said...

lol! good job

mknace said...

nice :) :)

Lisa717 said...

bro~ U look superb Lengzai leh!!!!

yeap..Hitomi is a talented photographer!! wanna learn to shoot with her whn i gt my Dslr cam..

Kuntong said...

ahhh...i knew Hitomi... the Canon 1000D user.. =)

David Cheong said...

Only like the first shot. The rest is not really complimenting as she needs to work on her composition. Take no heart, it does needs improvements.

aily tan said...

wow...i see a sakai people in the jungle...where is ur animal friend?haha!!!

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