IYSSM Lengcai Lenglui

Before showing you the LengCai's' and LengLui's', allow me to remark the something about this IYSSM which was held in 30th May to 3rd Jun. IYSSM is one of my church's activities where all youths are gatherred together. In fact, it is a 'Live Camp'.
Hereby, I'm showing you the place that we stayed. Although, I have never join National Service but the whole idea of construction made me felt that I'm in National Service^^ Haha... Maybe it was the way that they design this domitary.
We have lockers to keep our personal belongings, shoes and clothes. We have plenty of space to hide and seek!
I have to admit that this place is indeed 5 stars =) Ohya, I have not mention where this IYSSM was held. ~Port Dickson~
Sports center, Meething room, Church Hall, Office etc... All set!

Now it's time to welcome all LengCai's' and LengLui's'. First of all, me as one of their counselors confisicate their cellphones. Whahaha!!
They got no choice, this is the rules. They will have their name tags, text books. All alien stuffs that was brought along be consificated to encourage them to mix up among them.
You know what? I was too 'busy' serving them that I do not really have time to snap more photos for you XP Anyway, they do have classes, sports time, counseling sessions, choir practice and outing. Below are outing photos.
We went Eagle Ranch Resort. I say, the name 'Eagle' shouldn't be used since I barely see any eagles. Not in statues, not in paintings neither =P
This is me, but I'm not digging my nose. You're having optical illusion~
-No comments-
For ending, they presented us (counselors, speakers, cooks and helper) hymns. I have them recorded in someone's camera but she said it will take time delivering them to me.
Canon camera quality is kinda good but too bad they can only 'tahan'(live) for one year. Thus waste money having them indeed.
Time to say Goodbye~ I know this story telling is short but these are the only pictures I got in my pockets =P Forgive me please~ Hahaha...
By the way, I hope you can notice the LengCai's and LengLui's. Blah~ If I were to snap more, you were to enjoy more^^ Too bad... Too bad...


Lisa717 said...

bro..envy at u guys can go out for holiday leh!!! it's been long long time i din go to interview liao~

anyway, the most lengzai 1 is u!!! i din bluff leh..among ur fren..u r the leng zai-iest!!!

Go go go bro~ stay leng zai always ya!!

IndependentQueen said...

Ermm.. It's Eagle "Ranch". Not Range. So that other people who insterested to go there after reading ur blog will not confuse. :p

Angel said...

Hi! Just wondering that, is it true canon cameras don't last long? Cheers!

aily tan said...

where is me?where is me?no me in the pic leh...

Melissa said...

ha? Why do u say it canon camera only lasts for a year???? =S

leo7_lion said...

Thz IndependentQueen, I will change it now^^

What I heard from many about the canon camera is that:
They diminished the quality of their compact camera LCD screen. It can only last for 1 year and you cant do anything about it. Waste money on this brand which we thought to be 'famous'(through many ads)

Most importantly, it was confirmed and also testified by friends, those who know canon manufacturers, and experienced canon promoters themselves.

leo7_lion said...

I mean those who had contacted with 'Canon' camera =(

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