New Year Gathering & Mom's Birthday

This post is writing about 27th of January, the second day of Chinese New Year. My aunt held a gathering dinner in her house meanwhile celebrating her sister birthday. Cool huh~ In fact she loves her family very much that, serving them with the best that she could. I'm not telling who is she here as it would feels like boasting her. Hehe..

Talking about party style, some people like BBQ, some steamboat and some buffet~ Without considering all troubles that she would had, she went for all in one to make sure everyone are satisfied.

Grilling fishes and squids. The tough job is when washing the smelly fishes and squids.
Steamboat. She is my cousin who was so worry about her foods as they would overcooked.
BBQ. The two in front are not our relatives but we invited them as well since they are shop co-workers.
Buffet. The foods were prepared and all we have to do is EAT!
Old people love to eat inside the living room for there are nice sofas sit on^^ Meanwhile the young wants to stand.

It's time for the next Agenda~ Birthday Party!!
The cake was not prepared by my family (What a shame =.=) My aunt prepared it.
She gathered everyone to sing a birthday song for her sister.
In fact, some people don't even know that this day is my mom's birthday. And this Agenda was not told before hand. It was totally a surprise for me and the others.
I'm not sure if Mom knows about this plan but I'm sure she's happy.
Judging from the picture above, she never seems like she'd cut a cake before~ Haha..
Dad and Mom are forever young.
Eventhough it's time for us children to get old...Hehe... Where is my youngest sister? She's still in Japan~

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LP said...

every1 so happy celebrating CNY, i m here studying 4 exam..baka!!
cant wait to go bk for my ang pau..haha..

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