FullHouse - NuiZeXui

Me and my friends went to Ara Damansara to have our dinner in this FullHouse Restaurant. It was named after a Korean movie I supposed.
This is the movie that I'd mentioned, FullHouse which was once very famous among the Asian. Everyone here know this male artist right? Rain is his name... A singer and the same time dancer.

Below pictures are its interior design. It's simple but indeed nice^^
Outside this restaurant is a street 'NiuZeXui' liken to Petaling Street. It's well decorated and maintained. When there is an event, this place is packed. That's the way ('^')9
The street is not long nor huge but it's a beautiful. This map below will helps you to get there. [click for larger view]
Well, back to my Diary. These are my friends that I had dinner with.
Ravern and KiatBoon~ Kenneth, KokYong, HuiMin and Shirley~
HoMun, Lily, LiPing and Kenneth again~
KianHoe, me, YeeLin and Eugene~
These are some of the foods they serve. Delicious~

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