I own a Laptop!

Haha, nice ler this laptop~ Actually, this is meant for my father but he prefers a bigger screen which we had one at 27" that I once told you before =) Certainly, that gigantic monitor suit him more for he watches streaming movies and does some photo editing. Not to mention as laptop is easier to carry since he doesn't use to carry something these size running around in his car. Whatever the reason ould be, he allows me to have this pure white notebook.

The design is same as mini9 which I had sold earlier, but the function is way better than mini9. You see, I play games and blog a lot. I need better features which of course mini9 doesn't help. An exchange for Inspiron 14 is a great idea, isn't it? Hehe... Thanks Dad~

Currently, I don't have a proper place to situate my laptop =P So I'm borrowing my new housemate's table. As you can see below are the extended keyboard and mouse. I'm using them to prevent dust entering my notebook.
So what I do to my laptop which I must have it open in order to use its monitor?
I simply cover the keypads with foolscap paper =P I know there is a rubber like thing specially designed to protect it. Somehow, I haven't buy it. I will get that soon =)

Gosh, the Earth temperature is increasing and I'm still contributing heat to it =.= I better stop writing now. Last cry: Guys, we are part of the world or I should further declare as we are the world. Let us help by reducing the usage of electronic devices or plant more greens to sink our additional carbon dioxide. What I mean by ‘reducing’ is to use it when it is necessary only =) Turn them off when you are away or go to bed. May God Bless You~


reen said...

hehe..my mini 10 is coming out soon

Lisa717 said...

bro~ I using the "rubber" thingy to cover my keypad too~~ hehehe..u better hurry up to buy 1...

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