Little Genting

Okay, time for Little Genting
Now I tell you where is it...
Behind Jusco Bukit Tinggi~

What are we waiting for?
Let's go!

This is the day view
-See also know it will be fun inside-

People Mountain People Sea
Spotlight bright bright
Blurring my picture only

Btw mine is a phone cam not those canggih big big one
Those Big big one,
If bring out here sure can surprize ppl until pengsan

Let's move into the games
Initially, I thought there will be more like kid's games
However, it really really surprize me a lot when I get inside
Kids go bye bye~

Let see how I'll rate them,

The Challenger
This one Genting don't have (+1 point)
Sunway don't have (1+ point)
Super fun, (+1 point)

Actually it will swing up to 160 degree
We can feel the pressure while it was rotating itself when swinging
Almost fly out la...
Sad case, my other pics are with my cousin
Can't upload more on this =(

Round Coaster
Normal (+0 point)
Where also have de game (-1 point)

Kids can play?
But watch out
It is much much more faster than the usual one
mind your kids will 'terbuang' [Fly away~]

House of Horror
Never enter
Information not found >< Dono what coaster
Genting don't have (+1 Point)
Sunway don't have (+1 Point)

This thing rotates at the same time speeding
Thin people be careful
Coz your shirt might not tight enough that you might 'Zou Kuang' =P

Bumper Car
Where also have de game (-1 point)
Super Speedoo (+1 point)
Music load enough (+1 point)

As usual,
Bang your friends, enemy or even yourself(Wall)~
If your pants are not made of good quality maybe it will happen to be torn by the pressure *just kidding
But the banging really makes my ass pain

360 degree
Where also have de game but still okay (-0 point)
Normal (+0 point)

Ya, the true name is not that but we used to name it that way =)
Kid can play this?
I think even if they dare enough the worker will not allow also

There are other games but those pictures are not with me
Ohya, they have the mushroom too
Know what's that?
Genting also have one...Guess la~

The Golden Dot ['Zing dian']

Genting don't have (+1 point)
Sunway don't have (+1 point)

The most fun game in the entire playground
Go up pening
Come down pengsan

All the games are paid per play
Very expensive (-2 points)

Why expensive?
Conducted by Chinese

Overall rate +5
5 stars better than Genting
Don't go Genting...
This is where fun should be^^v


cooler master said...

now where still got people 'heng' funfair 1? u think u still livin' in the 80's meh...Now ppl go theme park oledi la. u very out date lor...hmmm...... :p

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