BBQ Plaza

As planned,
We went there...(The Little Genting)
But before that,
we have our dinner together at BBQ Plaza.

This is my cousin
Busying on choosing side dishes

This is my friend
Suddenly show her teeth when she saw me holding the camera

This is my friend's sis
Starting to destroy things went she settled down at her seat

Where am I?

I'm invisible...
Aiya~This is life
Camera man is a sacrifice

These are what we had ordered
Oh! not all...Some are not in the photo...Aiya~

Let's go deeper to the story shall we? =)

A meat just fell into the drain
We did not realise until it was cooked

I don't what it is calls actually
But it's sweet.

The meat shrunk after it was cooked
Before and after
Liken to those who takes slimming pills~

If you're looking for a way to make the meat tastier
Dipping it with the source is the way~

Do you realise that the metal plate is getting 'Chao Tar' (Fried Up)?
Why? We also don't know~
It might be because of...

Me? Sha~

My cousin? Sha~

My friend? Sha~

My friend's sis? Shu~

Or all together? Seplum~

This is the end of the metal plate

After paying the bill,
The waiter quickly kept all stuffs worrying that if we might mess up more (Haha)


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