I sprained my ankle yesterday during my tennis game. It was... more to shock than to feel the pain... The first thing that comes into my mind was: I'm going to disappoint many people T.T

Case 1
One day before, my friend invited my for a Friday Karaoke night. He intended to spend his last weekend of the year enjoying with us which he will then returns hometown for each of the remaining one. I accepted his invitation without second thought, although I'm not really a singer type =D But due to this, the plan was soon canceled. Why am I dragging everyone down? I asked myself.

Case 2
I was assigned to be a translator for the coming Saturday event. Can I make it then? I called up the leader but he replied, "So?" I was like... What should I do?

Case 3
Again... Due to this circumstance, I am not able to work tomorrow. Somehow, I felt guilty for I had in fact applied many unreasonable leaves. In addition, there is a task report which I'll have to handle of but no more. When I called my supervisor, telling him my situation, he laughed =.=

Bad... Worse... Worst!

Then this morning, my supervisor text me through Facebook chatbox telling me that the architectural coordinator missed me =.= swt! I miss them too XD

Spot the Different XD

1 comment:

Jie said...

Wei, don't play play with sprain..if u do not take good care, then is really 'sao mei cheong'..another thing is, it'll takes ages to heel..i think u atleast need to rest for a couple of weeks or mth. Be patient =p

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