Dota - Raigor Stonehoof,The Earthshaker Guide

This hero is very tough. As long as he has mana point, he can does lot damage to his opponents.

Learn Fissure(1st skill) to stun enemy meanwhile blocking their way to escape. Learn After Shock(3rd skill) to enhance stun time. Keep After Shock at Lv1 until you have mastered Fissure and Enchant Totem(2nd skill) which will increase your damage by a lot. Ultimate, Echo Slam is used when the surrounding units are many. This helps you a lot in killing.

Get Arcane Ring to replenish your mana point at early game. Then focus on key item Battle Fury. If you are used to kill by your skill, you can get Blink Dagger before Battle Fury as when you blink, you can apply your skills directly and effectively.

This hero is a killer meanwhile a tanker. [Back to Menu]

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