Dota - Kel`Thuzad, The Lich Guide

This hero is incredible. Personally, you must have a good control over his skills. Getting him nice items will definitely helps you in your game.

Learned Frost Nova(1st skill) which you can simply spam it against your opponent complying with Dark Ritual(3rd skill) that refills your mana. You can keep on damaging your opponents can regenerating your mana until you can kill them. Instead of learning Frost Armor(2nd skill), I suggest upgrade stats for adding a little armor point won't help much in your flee. Ultimate, Chain Frost is where you can kill your opponent hero easily when you see them pairing up.

As mentioned for not learning Frost Armor, you purchase Lothar Edge to help you escape. Then, you can buy Guinsoo, Shiva Armor etc. Lothar Edge helps you to hunt hero as well for your frost Nova always able to slow down hero.

Lich is an awful killer if you can operate him well. [Back to Menu]

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